Our Team

Meet Dr. Parkin

My name is Ralph Parkin. I am a practicing general dentist in Colorado Springs who has seen literally tens of thousands of patients with all types of dental problems, dental questions and concerns. As I worked to solve problems for them, I observed that patients were often not succeeding in gaining and maintaining good oral health care. Their home care was failing them, causing them to have minor to major dental problems. This ran the gamut from gingivitis (puffy gums that bleed easily when brushed or flossed) to complete toothlessness. They experienced pain, embarrassment and inconvenience. I realized that whatever they were doing wasn’t working for them. They didn’t set out to have toothaches and end up toothless, having to glue their false teeth in their mouth every day. But it has happened to tens of millions of Americans and more are joining this unfortunate group every day. They are losing the “battle to keep their teeth for a lifetime” and they didn’t need to be losers! You might say my excellent staff and I are on a crusade to help, where ever we can, reduce the number of people who lose teeth due to gum disease and tooth decay. This website is part of that effort. If we find a dental product that works better or is safer to use than what a person can find in a grocery store we will do our best to get that information out to our readers. If there is a new technique that helps solve dental problems quicker, easier and for less cost we will let you know about it also. We look forward to serving you and welcome your feedback!

Meet Our Staff

Administrative Team

Mary Guerrero – Financial Officer

Hello, my name is Mary and I started with Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center in October of 2011. My duties include dental insurance filing and patient billing. If you have an insurance question, I will be happy to try to get the answer for you.

Jessica Cardenas – Patient Care Specialist/ Administrative Lead

Dena – Clinical Administrator

Megan Abreu – Hygienist Care Specialist

Breanna Morton – Receptionist

Clinical Team

Jessica Frost – Clinical Lead

Christina Haifley – Registered Hygienist

Julia Vigil – EDDA Dental Assistant

Tanya Quezada – Dental Assistant

Ariel Volkers – Dental Assistant