$199/mo Mini Dental Implants*

If you’re looking to replace a missing tooth, a mini dental implant may be right for you! At Cheyenne Mountain Dental Care, we are pleased to help our patients regain their whole, and beautiful smiles! A mini dental implant is a small titanium post that is placed into the jawbone to act as a natural tooth root and an anchor for your new replacement tooth. With mini dental implants, you will regain your confidence to eat, speak and smile freely!

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants:

  • Less bone density is required
  • Prosthesis can be placed IMMEDIATELY – no wait time!
  • Will help preserve the jawbone and facial structure

Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants and can be used to replace a single tooth. Mini dental implants greatly reduce the need for bone grafts which makes the procedure quicker and less invasive. Compared to traditional implants, mini dental implants cut the procedure time. Some patients can walk out of Dr. Parkin’s office on the day of their procedure with a functioning implant in place.

Contact us today to find out if mini dental implants are right for you. With our low monthly price, our office makes getting your mini dental implants affordable and easy.

*Monthly price based on approved credit

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