$39 Cleaning, Exam, and X-Rays*

At Cheyenne Mountain Dental Care, our patient’s health is our number one priority! Because a healthy mouth is essential to a healthy body, we are offering a $39 Cleaning, exam, and x-rays! Our gentle cleanings will allow us to clean your mouth more thoroughly than at-home care can achieve. After your cleaning, your mouth will feel so smooth and rejuvenated.

Our Cleanings Include:

  • Gentle removal of plaque and tartar build up
  • An assessment of your oral hygiene habits, and tips on how to improve them
  • A shiny polishing finish to protect your teeth from bacteria – and to look beautiful!

Our Exam Includes:

  • Use of digital, low-energy sensor x-rays for patient safety
  • Intra-oral photographs to show close-up views of individual areas of the mouth which aid in proper diagnosis of many oral conditions
  • Pain-free diagnostic laser to check for cavities
  • Oral exam using the revolutionary Velscope visual early cancer detection device

We are offering this super affordable first cleaning to all of our new patients! If you are interested, give our office a call or fill out the form!

*New patients only. Must have healthy gums. Certain dental conditions excluded.

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Your Insurance Is Welcomed And Maximized

We will ensure you pay as little out-of-pocket as possible for all services!
With your insurance you receive:

FREE Adult Brighter, Whiter Cleaning
FREE Adult Exam
FREE Child Cleaning & Exam
FREE Second Opinion Evaluation