Alex Bogusky, sodas and polar bears

01-18-200x300Alex Bogusky’s video showing the dramatic damages to the health of habitual soda drinkers has struck some sensitive nerves within the soft drink marketing community, receives applause from Cheyenne Mountain Dental Center and Dr. Ralph Parkin.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Alex Bogusky’s YouTube video ( shows, in graphic detail, the serious health side effects consistent soda drinking can and often does cause to the health of individuals. For over 10 years Dr. Parkin a Colorado Springs dentist and thousands of dentists throughout the United States have been warning their patients about the serious side effects of consuming sodas.
In a recent USA Today article Alex Bogusky explained that he has had a change of heart regarding the use of carbonated beverages. He stated that his years of marketing for businesses that promote soda consumption are over. Dr. Parkin agrees with Alex Bogusky that although consumers of soft drinks think of them as beverages they are really candy.

Dr.Parkin said that he has seen firsthand the destruction habitual soda drinking does to teeth even in teenagers. He stated that the combination of the acids placed in many of the sodas along with the 10 to 12 teaspoons of fructose sugar has devastating effects to teeth that should have lasted a persons’ lifetime. He further stated that all sodas should be used sparingly, with the knowledge that some sodas are worse than others and for that matter most sports and energy drinks are worse than sodas when it comes to tooth damage and related oral and general health issues. Dr. Parkin said it is so true that sodas are liquid candy and not what they are advertised to be.

Another health risk related to soda consumption is diabetes. This disease is at epidemic proportions in the United States. Overwhelming the human body with sugars and carbohydrates that turn into sugar in foods and drinks is a leading cause of type II adult onset diabetes. Diabetics have significant gum disease challenges, said Dr. Parkin, in which the diabetes and the gum disease feed off each other and each makes the other worse. Dr. Parkin recommends the infrequent use of sodas, energy and sports drinks. This is especially true with children, since it has been said that sugar is nations’ number one addiction.


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